Location: Sandy Spit

78 days ago 10 students were flying into the Caribbean to embark upon an 80 day voyage aboard the S/Y Ocean Star. Ocean Star has carried them far and wide exploring the various Caribbean islands of the windward/ leeward chain. They’ve sailed, dived, and learned, both about science and even more about themselves. Its been one crazy adventure one that they will walk away from with great memories and close friends. And now it’s the time to start paying back Ocean Star for all her effort, making sure that her precious cargo returned safely. Bags are being packed, gear cleaned and organized, and a bit of love paid back. Today was the head start with tomorrow being the big push for Ocean Star love. As always we spend our last night upon the water with closing program, which starts with good laughs and then is spent in a quiet time of reflection. It’s a good night for it with the stars and moon out and the sound of surf breaking upon sandy spit. Tonight, there is no better place to be.