Location: Sandy Spit

We started off the day with breakfast and free time. Everyone split off and did different things. Some retreated back to their bunks to nap, some went on a short hike to the bubbling pool, and others enjoyed the ocean either wind surfing, snorkeling, or swimming to the beautiful little beach not far off. After some delicious pizza bagels for lunch, we met Susan who is part of a preservation organization working on invasive species mostly within the BVI. She was quite the character and was very adamant about discussing the invasive mongoose and rats. She had some funny stories to tell about catching them. We all took the dinghies over to Green Island which we could see from O Star. We had a very wet landing and had to wear shoes so as to not cut our feet on the dead coral along the shore. When we got to the beach, we split into two groups: one that went around the shore line picking up trash and recording the different types they found and the other group hiked around the top to take surveys of the amount of lizards on the island which helped show how bad the invasion of rats and mongoose was because they reduce the amount of lizards. We got back to O Star and had more free time until dinner. Now we are having the student leadership development closer and going to bed.