Location: GHP (Peter Island, BVI)

It’s been a busy day for the residents of the sailing vessel Ocean Star. A Marine Biology exam in the morning, followed by study time and project presentation work before lunch, was swiftly followed after lunch by the third and final exam, Oceanography. The shipmates have been studying hard (mixed with the odd game of Oceanstaropoly and necessary coffee brownies), so hopefully they will be successful in the exams. A delightful dinner of breaded chicken and salad has helped to restore everybody’s energy and after clean up they will be embarking on a fun night dive as a treat to a nearby shipwreck named the “Fearless”. Having just written that it’s hard to believe that less that 80 days ago the majority of the shipmates had never even tried scuba diving and now they are excellent divers, confident and excited about an advanced dive. Between the exams, project work and diving I’m feeling very proud of them all for how far they’ve come, and hope that the skills they’ve gained will help them in life for a long time to come.