Location: GHP

After an intense night full of caffeine and studying for MTE, the day arrived and it was time for the exam! It was a long exam but it took less time than we thought. Our research projects were also due today, but after we finished everything we felt so good because we had the rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. After dinner we had a presentation for SLD by Josh in which he taught us the FREEMAN System used for succeeding in Scattergories. It was really funny and he challenged Nash in 3 rounds seeing if the new knowledge of the Freeman system would help but it was no match for Mr. Freeman himself (the master of Scattergories)! Our night ended with almost everyone playing Ocean Staropoly and eating Funfetti cake, as a break from studying. Freeman annihilated everyone once again and won the game with a full monopoly and in possession of the entire bank. They were playing for real money (every $100 monopoly money = 10 cents) and when all was said and done, all the players owed Josh 3 dollars.