Location: Saba

Wowzers! What a grand day it has been. We began the day with some healthy and tasty oatmeal. We then raised anchor and set sail for Saba, 18 nautical miles to the northwest. Our sail was very eventful! One hour into the adventure, we caught a nice barracuda. Salty Dan put on his gloves and handled the fish with the utmost care. Then we released the fish back to its home in the deep blue sea. We continued on to Saba, motor sailing with 15 knots of breeze off our stern. The events which unfolded next were Ocean Star’s most exciting encounter with the coast guard this trip. We spotted a U.S. Coast Guard boat off our port bow, a quarter-mile away. As it passed us, it hailed us on channel 16. Simon immediately answered the cutter, which circled us and stayed close. After asking us a few standard questions, the captain wished us smooth sailing. We arrived in Saba just after noon, put on sail covers and tarps, and had lunch. Following lunch, we had an oceanography exam review. As we all enjoyed the afternoon, we anxiously awaited our tuna casserole dinner. After dinner, we all gave our demonstrative speeches for a communications class. We then watched the movie City of God and fell asleep awaiting another gorgeous day on Ocean Star.