Location: Underway to St Helena

Started the day off bright and early with an 8-12 watch. Watch team 2 had some amazing songs going in the background- Shoutout me! Our watch has been getting to know each other, and I already feel how close we are all getting. Lunch did not disappoint with Meg’s pesto risotto, and I had more than plenty of that, along with two bowls of multigrain Cheerios and honey. After lunch, we had marine biology, where we learned about marking and recapturing with the help of some M&M’s and gummy bears (yum!). After that, we discussed what awkward middle school years were like in leadership class and had some good laughs.

Most people stuck around in the galley to catch up on some homework, and I ate yet another bowl of Cheerios while reading “House Of Odysseus” (Shoutout, Mom). After that, we ate some more food, and Frida made delicious macadamia nut cookies. Some whales were following behind us, and I got to see the huge tail go back into the ocean. Now, I am about to go to the galley and discuss meal prep for tomorrow with Will and Freddy. Very excited to be Head Chef!

That’s all for today!
Signing off- Arielle
(PS: Mom and Dad, I love you and miss you!)