Location: Underway to St. Helena

The clothes accumulate as we head further and further from the marina laundry machines. Stench becomes potent within the two six-man cabins(the dudes). A friendly reminder that laundry is possible while on board. To escape this, I gathered with my peers in the cockpit with fresh air and easy conversation. In the early hours of the day, Captain Freddie struggled to learn cross-fit routines from Emma. Come lunch time, Jake and Steph were on their third coffee of the day. Lunch was served: Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry…an easy top-five lunch. Cleanup time in the dish pit began with my singing monsters and an assortment of noises to make a sort of jingle. After lunch, we had Oceanography and Seamanship.

In Oceanography, we learned about sediment deposits, while in seamanship, we learned how to plot points and measure distances on a chart. With ample time after class, the exciting news came: fresh sheets for our bunks. This excitement stemmed from those who have been constantly sweating at night. ( All of us) These brought a fresher sent and feeling to the bunks. Although we are on day four of passage, today was day one… with nobody seasick. This made today all around more productive, along with it a more enjoyable environment. For dinner, mac-an-cheese and veggies were served. Many are concerned with the close courter living paired with ample amount of dairy products in this meal. As the ship winds down for the night, many discuss their appreciation for their watch shifts. These four-hour, often late-night shifts have allowed everyone to become closer and more personal with each other. Supposedly, watch team three expressed their opinions on odd subjects between the hours of 10 pm and 11 pm. On the other side, the 4 am-8 am team heads to the showers and bed before their next shift, 12 am-4 am. This is the “weekend” shift, allowing you to sleep until noon the next morning. We are beginning to adjust to the disheveled sleep schedule and daily routines. The course to St. Helena is on time and well underway. Day fourteen was a success.
As always, the family, friends, and loved ones are greatly missed.
– Kip