Location: Pearns Point, Antigua

This morning we woke up earlier than usual, 6:45 am, and everyone was feeling it…especially Charlie. During our delicious breakfast (yogurt and granola put together by the “Granola Bae’s” Anthony and Dre), Smash surprised Charlie with a little crab, and he proceeded to drop it in his coffee. After breakfast, students working towards their open water scuba certification finished up their confined water dives while the rest of the boat had a bit of free time. During my morning scuba dive, Mady and I saw our first fish at the bottom of the ocean, and Dre and Bennitt perfected playing rock-paper-scissors in full scuba gear. Although each skill we practiced in our morning dive was challenging, it was so much fun to be in a group who motivated and laughed with each other, making this experience unforgettable.

By the time the last group of divers came back, it was lunchtime, and the people on the boat greeted us with helping hands and great music. For lunch, we had sandwiches and pringles, everyone’s favorite post-dive snack. After lunch, we split back up into two groups, so the people who hadn’t dived in the morning got to dive in the afternoon. Everyone else spent their free time lounging up on deck, playing in the water, and doing homework.

Before dinner, we all had our daily jump in the shower while Mackenzie, Valentina, Will, Andrea, and Anthony all went free-diving and saw some yellow snapper. After washing off, we all came up on deck and watched the sunset. Tonight’s sunset was especially beautiful since we all saw the green flash. Shortly after, we sat down in our usual dinner circle and ate pizza rolls! After a great meal, it was time for the squeeze. The question prompt I chose was, “if the person to your right was an inanimate object, what would they be?” A few of my favorite responses included Maddie calling Mady a foam finger because of her uplifting and fun-loving nature, Katie calling Tom the ocean since we can learn so much from him, Jordan calling Bennitt a rock because he rocks, and when Hannah called me the “skipper hat” because she gets a little bit happier each time she sees it.

After clean-up, Leoni gave us a quick lesson on meal planning and got us excited to cook for the rest of the trip. Overall, today was absolutely amazing, and each day only gets better and better!

Shoutout to my parents and sister; I miss you guys and love you so much!

Photo 1: Mackenzie’s new fit!
Photo 2: Charlie and Max hangin out on deck
Photo 3: Morning scuba session
Photo 4: just another rainbow:)
Photo 5: Pizza rolls carried up by the one and only Meghan
Photo 6: Charlie and Mac Getting ready for another scuba session
Photo 7: Sunset crafts with Valentina, Maddie, and Meghan
Photo 8: Sunset free-dives
Photo 9: a quick skipper’s hat selfie with me, Anthony, and Maddie
Photo 10: The Granola Bae’s (Anthony and Dre)
Photo 11: Setting out for scuba