Location: St. Vincent

We started the day with a early and quick breakfast in order to get to our taxi on time. With a few exceptions, everyone transferred to shore and took an hour long taxi ride across the island. We unloaded at the base of the trail for our crater hike. We hiked for a couple of hours, up a very steep trail. We climbed up above the canopy of the rain forest, and continued up to the top of the volcano. There were fantastic views the whole way up. At various points, we could see all the way out over the island to the ocean. Once we reached the rim of the crater, we were greeting with the same view the boys in White Squall had when they did the hike; a large crater with a mound in the center, and a lake to the side. We sat down, ate lunch, took some photos, and threw some rocks, attempting (but failing) to get them into the lake. After lunch, we hiked up the hill just to the side, following the crater rim. We took some more pictures up there, and headed back down the trail. On the way back down, it took us less than half the time it took going up. We taxied back to Ocean Star, and had a little bit of free time before dinner. After dinner, we watched an Irving Johnson movie for MTE. It was a hard hike, but the views were definitely worth it.