Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

It was an early morning for the crew of Ocean Star today. The wake up music started at 0700, leading immediately to getting underway before breakfast. We pulled the sail covers off, but were disappointed to discover that the wind was effectively nil, so we held off on raising sails. As we made our way up the rugged coast of St. Vincent we kept an eye out for fresh winds, which we finally found at the north end of the island. The steep green fins of land leading to the volcanic summit of La Soufriere were the background for a student led sail raise. With the sails full and Ocean Star holding steady at 6 knots., we pointed the bowsprit at the jagged tooth like profile of the Pitons rising from St. Lucia. Making excellent time, we started easing the halyards to drop sail around 1530, and had picked up a mooring from the Marine Park rangers by 1600. The crew set to work putting sail covers on and giving the deck a thorough wash to the beat of local music wafting over from a Sunday beach barbecue. The last light of the sun lit up the clouds to the west in brilliant orange, we watched as lightning bugs on the looming hillside of Petit Piton flashed brightly in the jungle foliage.