Location: Cape Grenville

Today we woke up around 8 am, and all gathered in the cockpit and enjoyed a warm bowl of oatmeal. The skies were partly cloudy with the occasional rain cloud. Swimming was not an option because the water has been known to harbor saltwater crocodiles. So instead, we decided to go ashore to explore. The first mate Kate read us a passage from a book about saltwater crocs and how they are not to be messed with. After everyone got ready, the captain shuttled us to shore. We all raced to the top of the hill, with James leading the way. Xander and Jack raced down the backside of the hill to go look for crocs from the ridgeline. We took some beautiful pictures of Argo from a rock face and then returned to the boat. When we returned, our captain told us that he had seen a 15 ft crocodile! We had lunch and watched a slide show right after on invertebrate animals and crocs, sea turtles, and sea snakes. After the slide show, we readied the boat for passage, and after dinner, we sailed off into the