Location: Cape Grenville

Somewhere between yesterday and today, the morning came, along with it the sun and some more sweet sailing. Operating on Argo time, my fellow seasoned sailors guided us through the night and into another day, each doing our parts sailing the boat and keeping our vessel afloat. During my watch sometime early in the A.M., we passed the 200 nautical mile mark (in less than 24 hours), and we silently celebrated being careful not to disturb those trying to squeeze in a few hours of some valuable Z’s that are hard to come by. At around 11 o’clock, we finally reached our destination, Cape Grenville. After taking down the sails and anchoring, it was time to get some lunch – quiche. After filling our bellies to contentment, we decided it was time to fill our brains (with knowledge, of course). We had two classes and then started to realize that we weren’t feeling so fresh and wanted to go for a swim. Then we were urgently informed that that was out of the question since we were in crocodile country. So instead, we resorted to setting up “the shower,” which really consisted of a hose, pump, and the great big blue ocean. We lined up and took turns standing under it and attempting to get clean. During the midst of all this, we laughed at the madness on deck. We caught two or quite possibly three sea turtles in “the act” off our port side. Somewhere along the lines, we all started to laugh at what a bonding experience this whole moment was. After cleaning up our bunks, which were destroyed by the heavy waves of passage, we had quesadillas for dinner and now quite possible a movie nightjust another day in the life . . . of Argo.