Location: Underway

We awoke at 5 am and set our sails and our eyes out to sea. We succeeded in raising the sails and getting underway. Our plan was to sail through the day and arrive in the evening at the Flinders Islands, where we would anchor for the night. The next day we would raise anchor early and depart for Cape Grenville. As we made our way north, the winds and seas were on our side, and we found ourselves cruising at an amazing 10 knots! A question popped into our captain’s mind: should we keep going, pass the Flinders, and sail through the night directly to Grenville? We mustered the crew and decided to go for it. Changing the plans and preparing for our first 24hr excursion at sea. With the ship fairing well and our speed still sustaining at 10knots, we all had a smile. The day tapered on with watch teams shuffling. We all did our best to stay on course, and when the night came again, we all braced again, for the sea was restless and the winds howling.