Location: Lizard Island

Every morning as most of the crew slumbers peacefully below decks, the sun peeks over the horizon and bathes Argo and the Coral Sea in a warm orange glow. Today was no exception, and the early risers enjoyed a fresh breeze and clear light as they went about their morning routines of yoga, stretching, circuits, or just enjoying a cup of tea. With breakfast finished, the boat became a hive of activity. Some crew members hiked up to Cook’s Look, the perfect way to stretch the legs and get the heart pumping before our upcoming passage north to Cape York. At the top, we checked out the view of the turquoise lagoon west of Lizard Island and took photos of the Ribbon reefs stretching far into the distance at the edge of the continental shelf.

Meanwhile, the certified divers donned wetsuits and SCUBA gear and headed below the surface to get a closer look at the coral, fish, and critters that inhabit the watery edge of the island. The all-action day continued in the afternoon. The new divers completed the last dive for their Open Water Course certification, showing great buoyancy control underwater as they floated effortlessly over the bottom. The rest of the crew busied themselves aboard, removing sail covers, topping booms, laying jacking lines, and generally prepping the boat for tomorrow’s early morning start for Flinders Island. Now with dusk approaching, the crew is looking forward to a hearty meal and an early night.