Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

Day 56 started a bit late since we, unfortunately, had a setback with the galley. So instead of eating breakfast at 7:30 am, we started at 8:30. When living in a boat, a slight shift in the time schedule can disrupt the rest of the day significantly. Opportunely, we used our time wisely and debriefed the Fish ID dive we had two days ago. After a mouthwatering breakfast, the long-awaited Oceanography midterm exam came along, grabbing some unprepared students by surprise. Lunch arrived unexpectedly since some free time was granted after the exam, allowing us to drift away into our studies, books, games, or whatever little activity we chose within the vessel. Taking into consideration that the ocean crossing is in less than five days, supermarket provisioning and many boat chores were made to prepare Argo for its biggest passage of this voyage. Over 300 canned goods were purchased on top of already having an uncountable amount.

Aside from the fact that we will be approximately 17 days without seeing land or stopping for more goods, a substantial amount of extra canned food was purchased for safety reasons. If, for any reason, we get stuck for an extra unanticipated number of days due to “X” problems, food will not be a concern.

Meanwhile, the students and staff that remained aboard began completing boat chores, which included putting Smoke (one of the two dinghies) away since its use will not be required for a while, providing us with extra space on deck. Some students were lifting up the masts to clean the spreaders and put on sail chafing gear. Topsides were scrubbed and cleaned. Down below, the galley fridges were thoroughly washed for hygiene purposes before we packed it full again. Many other jobs also took place throughout the boat. It was a long, hard-working day for the whole crew, but a satisfying sense of accomplishment filled us up. It is always fulfilling to help Argo in any way possible and even more when it’s done with the help of 30 other hard-working beings. Another great learning day aboard. Now it’s time for the MTE (sailing) class!