Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

Today was our last shorter passage before the transatlantic crossing– a daylong sail from Las Palmas to Tenerife. After waking up to Parker’s delicious peach cobbler for breakfast, we got underway as soon as we could. There was sunshine and good wind throughout the day, and it was exciting to devote a day to true sailing. The afternoon was filled with our oceanography presentations, a man overboard drill (Oscar the unruly fender is incorrigible,) and the occasional dolphin or pilot whale sighting. The mood on the boat is heightened and excited when the wind is strong, the sun is shining, and the island coastline green and inviting. Towards dinnertime, we arrived at the dock in Tenerife, passing oil rigs and tankers as we entered the arena. Seeing such a massive piece of machinery up close is something that few people get to do, and I was struck by what an intense experience it is to witness up close. The next two days will be devoted to exploring Tenerife and preparing for our crossing. It’s strange to think that this is the last land we will see until the Caribbean, and there’s a healthy mix of nervousness and excitement onboard. The crossing is quickly turning from a faraway prospect to a very real passage and promises adventure for all of us.