Location: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

So today was our turn to go diving. But not off Argo. No today we were going diving from a beach a short drive across the Island. Loading up the van with all the gear took some organizing and it made me realize how much we take having all of our gear with us all the time for granted. After all the gear was loaded we followed suit and piled in.
The dive site was one of the best yet. For many of us this was also our first dive since becoming certified Open Water Divers. We were moving on to try to become Advanced divers. The PADI Open Water course focuses on learning to dive safely, and all of the things you need to do to keep yourself safe. As an Advanced diver we start to focus improving our skills so we can fully start to explore underwater. The options are almost endless but learning to navigate, diving deeper, diving at night, improving buoyancy, underwater photography are just some of the possibilities. Today Jess was helping us to start to identify fish. Brightly colored hermaphrodite parrot fish, goat fish sifting through the sand with their whisker like barbels, butterfly fish which use distinct patterns to confuse predators as to which way they plan to make their escape, blennies and sand divers that camouflage themselves in the sea bed were just some of the fish we spotted. However, the highlight was definitely the curious octopus that came to say hello. He was so close you could feel the water pumping out of his siphon.
Others went diving yesterday, shopping or took the last day in Gran Canaria to explore the island. Tomorrow we set sail for Tenerife. The wind is supposed to be a steady 15-20kts on the beam so hopefully it will be a great day sail.