Location: Puerta Ayora, Santa Cruz, Galapagos

This morning we walked through town to the immigration office to clear out of the Galapagos (we’re actually going to stay here an extra day before starting the grand passage), and it was another beautiful sunny morning. The immigration office was a small concrete house with a tin roof, a 25-minute walk outside of the town, and that was funny because it was such a weird place to have an immigration office. A white kitten came over, played with us for a while, and made everybody’s day, and then it was back to the ship for lunch and Oceanography. We spent class today learning about high and low-pressure systems and the wind that they create. A pretty relevant lecture before we start out three-week passage out at sea!

We had a quiet hour to study after class, and then a great dinner under an astonishing golden sunset. I’ll miss Galapagos a lot, but like everyone, I’m looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of passage life. Shore time is fun, but it’s also more stressful because you need to make plans and decisions about where to eat lunch, where to drink coffee, which tree has the best shade in the courtyard of the coffee shop, and which table has the best view of the sea. It’s exhausting. Ask anyone: passage life is far more relaxing. Seriously though. It is.

A special shout out today to Simon’s nieces Amy & Isla and nephews Alex & Leon, and Nancy and Jeff of Concord, MA (mom and dad)!