Location: 1 00.09'S 90 37.84'W

Good evening everyone! Here we are with the updates of today!

We were supposed to leave the Galapagos two nights ago, but as we all know by now, the schedule is subject to change. This morning we had a PEN class. We plotted different points on the charts. Ian turned it into a competition. Whoever had the correct/closest answer got food (aka snacks.) My team won… twice… just saying… J (No, we’re all amazing!) After PEN, we had a pretty chill morning waiting for departure, everyone doing their own thing, working on assignments, hanging out in the saloon, or playing chess on deck. Lindsay cooked our last lunch in the Galapagos. We then had a lecture on plastics in a joint OCE/OCB class. Finally, Tina and Ben came back from the shore, and we set off very quickly, all eager to be back at sea and excited for our twenty-day passage. We changed watch teams so now we get to see other people, but the same other people for the next twenty days (because when on the passage you sleep, you eat, you go on watch. You have class and repeat- so sometimes you don’t see a person for two days – or more like don’t talk to that person because you’re always busy.)

We have the main staysail up right now, although we are still running the engine because there is not enough wind. The sail is mainly for balance. We motored through a squall- it wasn’t big but enough for us to take our foul weather gear out, which we are all glad we have. There is lighting here and then. Day 1 on our long passage, excited to see what is to come. Hopefully, big swells and a lot of wind. A lot of marine animals!!! We are still waiting for whales. Bioluminescence would be super cool too. Maybe a few squalls. I don’t know we’ll have to see. 🙂

Unfortunately, two of our crew departed the vessel this morning. We are now 25 people on board. They will be missed because they brought a lot to the group ambiance, and we hope to hear from them soon. I will not lie; the ambiance on the boat is a little off because of what happened. But I know that the crew will bounce back from it. The staff handled the situation extremely well.

Here are pictures of us in our Gumby suits in case we do have to abandon ship. As you can see, they are quite large. They are very warm, too, and will float in the water, so we are covered.

More to come tomorrow!

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