Location: 1 45.70'S 92 50.83'W

Hello log fans everywhere,

Before leaving the territorial waters of the Galapagos today, we saw the last lucky sea creatures that sleep peacefully at night, knowing that they are protected.

We saw a healthy shark cruising along the surface, loads of crazy dolphins doing tricks, a bull sea lion, and we woke up a large grumpy whale.

The grumpiness refers to its rapid acceleration close to our bow as opposed to its species type, of which there was much debate. I’m not sure if we had a conclusive identification as I chose to focus more on the raw power of the beast whilst, at the same time, deciding upon the appropriate avoiding action to keep Argo safe.

Call me diplomatic, but I prefer to not get between two marine biologists whilst discussing such matters anyway. In my head, I narrate David Attenborough and imagine two powerful lions clashing on a dusty plain under a blazing sun.

Ha. I just got a slap on the arm, and apparently ‘we’ (referring to the scientists) agreed on this one…. hmmm.

One day I hope to find a new species of whale. Think of me if you hear of the Grumpy Whale in the coming years. Think of me without internet access here, not able to check if anyone has taken the great name yet. I will put it on the “things to Google in 3000 miles time” list.

We watched the sunrise throughout the morning. Jack and Henry’s harmonies are getting exceptionally good (Pic 3). I have heard rumors of a boat talent show for some point on this trip.

The highlight of the navigators day came at 12:18 local time when the sun reached its highest point in the sky, which allowed us to quickly and simply work out our latitude with the sextant. It is comforting to reacquaint ourselves with the rhythm of life at sea and to simple things like the phase of the moon or to the old familiar birds. I must make it clear that there are no elderly females onboard and that ‘old familiar birds’ refers to the likes of the storm petrel whose tiny body endures the roughest of stormy sea conditions thousands of miles from land (tiny birds in pic.1).

Hello friends and family. Hatton junior.

All for now. Stars to watch jokes to tell, and talents to practice for the show.



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