Location: 2 31.62'S 95 15.72'W

Today we fully settled into passage life appreciating the simple delights of life on a boat. This morning or watch team enjoyed a moonlit deck, brilliant stars, and a gorgeous sunrise all in the span of four hours. In PSCT class, we discovered the wonders and diversity of fog, whether it hails from the coast, the land, or the open ocean. The fishing was bountiful. Ian caught a 15-pound Skipjack tuna trolling off the stern, so we enjoyed freshly caught sashimi hors d’oeuvres backlit by a South Pacific sunset. Unfortunately, a large pod of pilot whales rudely imposed upon our dinner and games of chess unannounced, causing loads of commotion. As we steam forth into an ocean seemingly teeming with life, we hope our good fortune continues.

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