Location: 3 15.38'S 97 50.00'W

Gorgeous day here in the Southeastern Pacific, highs reaching into the upper 80s and lows dipping down to a balmy 65 (personal conjecture), with scattered showers throughout the day.
We’ve managed blistering speeds over the past day with a 24-hour average of 6.7 knots.

We’ve become subject to the colonization of some unpleasant invaders, these overlords have subjected us to the constant fear of “fecal splatter” they rain down their terror from their high perch whenever it is most undesirable. I feel like a prisoner in the panopticon, living in constant fear under their watchful eyes.

The student body has high hopes for the return of the Marine Biology test it took today. Morale was high after the assessment wrapped up. Time (and Lindsay) will tell how it went.

Massive culinary success was had today! Cpt. Ben with sous chefs Simon and Sahil pulled off multiple Michelin-star-worthy dishes today with a notable lasagna for dinner and biscuits.

Full moon tonight in tandem with a gorgeously clouded sunset

Anticipation for the remainder of the journey is high as we motor (directly) towards the sunset in the beautiful and vast Pacific Ocean.