Location: Avarua, Rarotonga

Today we spent our third day in Rarotonga. We finally have a good understanding of the island geographically and know all the places to go for a great breakfast, shopping, and views. This morning everybody started the day eating breakfast at a small cafe that we all enjoy until it was time to go to a dance class. The Polynesian dance class was for women though many of the guys, including myself, joined in. Guy or girl, everybody was struggling to keep up with the hip and hand movements of the women on the stage in front of us. The embarrassing, chaotic, and enjoyable dancing lasted for roughly an hour before we all got to finally take some time to cool down. It was definitely the highlight of the day. Sadly after the dancing, I got talked into checking out the new gym upstairs. The workout lasted for about ten minutes before I was already worn out and ready to go sit outside by the ocean in the breeze though I will still probably be sore tomorrow. The rest of the day was spent running around the island, enjoying our last full day on land, and stocking up on snacks that were worth their weight in gold underway. Tomorrow we begin our next long passage of four-hour night watches and seasickness for some.

Looking forward to seeing how this next stretch goes. Updates to come!