Location: Avarua, Rarotonga

Our second day in Rarotonga was very rainy, but that didn’t set back the spirits of anyone on Argo. Today was glorious and much needed laundry day. After we lugged our bags to the only laundromat on the island, our free day onshore started. Half the group went hiking across the island, and the other half explored the town. I was of the few who explored the town. Shelby, Katie, Margaret D., and I treated ourselves to a brunch of vegan coconut pancakes, eggs, Florentine, and bagel sandwiches. Margaret H. and Charlotte got massages while Hayse bought a very colorful, the 70s themed Tiger tank top. The other group spent the morning hiking to the highest peak of the Cook Islands. Even though it was pouring, the hikers enjoyed the adventure to the waterfall. Some got lost along the way, but funny stories and a few scratches came out of their exploration. After both groups returned to the boat for dinner, the squeeze question of “where do you see the person next to you in 20 years?” led to some funny answers from all the crew. Tonight we will have four fish ID quizzes in Marine Biology and then some shore time to get dessert.