Location: Elba, Italy

What is Argo? We know it is the name of our ship, which we’ve been living on for the past ten days. Somehow, though, it’s slowly becoming more than just that. Argo is becoming my new home. Argo is a community to share thoughts, a place to confide in others. Argo is where my family is for the next 80 days. Argo is a fresh start; it’s a place to find yourself. Argo is family, and my peers and I are Seamester. Today as I went ashore in Elba, I was sitting outside a coffee shop looking out towards the port at the ship, and I smiled. I smiled because today was a good day. I was with two friends halfway across the world, surrounded by 20 young people that cared about me on a boat, sailing around the world. We all have our own interests; some of us shopped, I walked around the local town, others swam or ate, some of us even went on a really, really long hike (Lars, George, Trevor, Caitlin), and we all went scuba diving ( see pictures). No matter where we were or what we were doing, or what groups we were in, we are together, not in some spiritual sense but because we’re all in this together, because all together we are Argo.
.Stay hungry, stay foolish,