Location: CivItavecchia, Italy

The crew set out of Elba after a long day of scuba diving, good eats, and a mountain hike. Leaving Elba last night, we sailed through the night arriving in Civitavecchia, do not ask me how to spell it or pronounce it. We had a clear night, with spectacular stars and an even more spectacular sunrise bowl of cereal, or at least those of us who were awake and on watch.
Once we entered the port, we began a long and tedious clean of Argo. After hours of scrubbing and polishing, Argo looked good as new, salt-free, and smelling of vinegar. We spent some time onshore doing laundry and exploring the small Italian coastal town. In the mix of things, we had our second Seamanship class learning how to plot chart coordinates chili dinner and preparation for the crew’s first night out together. Parents, don’t worry; we will all be drinking virgin daiquiris. As the night ends, we try to scramble to cram for the Open Water and Rescue scuba certification exams! Let’s hope we all pass.
I hope all is well back home. Love from Argo and its crew!!!


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