Location: Rome, Italy

Rome is truly a fantastic city.

We all woke up to another cool morning and tasty muffins. Almost immediately, we left for the train from Civitavecchia to Rome. We then took the metro to the Trevi Fountain (of course, with a large group, people tend to get separated), but we all ended up there in one piece. This is where we went off to do our own things. Some went to the Pantheon, and some simply explored the city. As for a few others and myself, the Vatican was our destination. After a long trek from the fountain, we arrived in the Vatican City. We found a tour guide and enjoyed a nice guided walk through the Sistine Chapel and the galleries in the city: a truly stunning sight. After the tour, we split up in Saint Peter’s Basilica and took in as much as we could in the time we had.
Once we finished up in the Vatican, the group split again. My group took the metro from the Vatican to the Colosseum. We had about an hour, so we went to get some sandwiches, and like many things I have experienced on this trip, they were absolutely delicious (thank you, Steven).
Finally, we found the crew at the Colosseum and planned the evening to explore the ruins there and at the Roman Forum. This has to be the most beautiful and interesting sight I have ever seen. The temples devoted to the ancient gods are so very fascinating and truly indescribable, and if I could, I would have stayed there for hours. We then went to a fun local restaurant called La Base for a group dinner out of pasta, salad, and a few drinks. After dinner, we began the journey back home to Argo.
Rome is truly a fantastic city. One of, if not the oldest cities in the world, and we had the opportunity to visit.
Photo creds to Caroline!