Location: Underway to Sardegna, Italy

Today we left Civitavecchia for Sardinia, Italy. I’m very excited; Sardinia is the place I have been looking forward to the most besides Morocco. These first two weeks have already been such a growing experience for me; I can only imagine how much more I will have grown by the time we reach the Caribbean. Adjusting to this life has been a rocky road for me. I’m 17 and have never been to college, never have done a going-away type of trip before, and I am very inexperienced when it comes to boats. Those things made me feel a bit out of place at first because I felt like everyone was completely different from me. I was wrong. However, I’ve met some very nice people who share similar feelings with me, and that has really helped me out a lot.

In addition, I think it is totally fine that I don’t have a lot of experience because the staff is always ready to give you a hand. I am, for sure, starting to get the hang of this boat. My favorite activity on this boat is driving it! I am so blessed to be a part of this program. You learn something new every day. I most for sure feel that I will mature ten times more than if I had not graduated early and did my senior year. I also feel that I’m going to be ten times more prepared for college. Time management is a tricky thing to get the hang of on this boat, these classes are no walk in the park, and there is a lot of time investment required for each course. I have been told many times that after this semester, I am going to be one of the more prepared ones in my freshman year of college due to my training in not having all the time in the world to do assignments for four classes and already having college experience under my belt.
Currently, we are underway to Sardinia and will be switching off in our three-hour watch team shifts throughout the night. We are expected to arrive sometime around lunchtime tomorrow. Today we worked on getting all the sails up, testing devices, and cleaning the whole inside and outside of the boat. I can’t wait for what the future holds for us for the remainder of these three months and for all of us to continue maturing every day.