Location: Sardegna, Italy

To start our day off today, we arrived in Sardegna, Italy, after sailing through the night from Civitavecchia. Today my role on the boat was the skipper of the day, and today was a pretty relaxed day in terms of what I had to do. Around 10:00 AM, I roused all of the shipmates in order to get all hands on deck to bring the boat into the anchor. After we anchored, we had to get the boat cleaned up and put away. This being our fourth passage, it was very cool to see how everyone on the boat is meshing and working together to get tasks on the boat done. It is becoming more apparent how we are gaining inefficiency when it comes to completing tasks. Within minutes of being at anchor, teams were immediately going to work to wash off the booms and the deck, working on getting sails flaked and covered and prepping the deck for the rest of the day’s activity. Even with it being so early in our Seamester voyage, the efficiency between all of the shipmates in delegating tasks and spreading the workload is very apparent, and I can not wait to see where we will go from here.
After we got the boat all squared away and ate lunch, all of the open water SCUBA divers began there first open water skill dives, which all of them breezed through and are well on their way to get certified in a couple of days. It is very exciting to see everyone do well in their diving as well as how excited the previously certified divers are to have the new guys join the ranks. Everyone on the boat is excited for when everyone will be able to dive together and get past the training dives.
I think looking back on today, and the past couple of days, it is very apparent the students that joined the vessel 14 days ago are quickly turning into a well-organized crew as we get more used to the daily routines of the boat and its activities.
– George