Location: Sardinia, Italy

There are preciously few days that I’ve lived on land during which putting on a shirt proved such a daunting, excessive waste of time that I considered my choice not to do so a responsible action. These days aboard Argo, free time is in danger of extinction. Today we spent the full sunrise to sunset portion of the day anchored at the Italian island of Sardegna. Between cooking, cleaning, eating, hauling various lines, and studying, it gets easy to lose track of what you think and how you’re feeling to the hurdling anchor-chain of time. Some days are like that, sunset, sunrise, repeat. But sometimes the free-falling chain grinds to a halt for a short time, and a brilliant moment of clarity washes over you. Today a moment like that occurred when we all had a lab for our marine biology course in the form of a SCUBA dive, taking a crude census of seagrass diversity. Under there, writing on a slate and communicating with hand signals to my fellow crew members was a moment that I’ll remember forever; a spotless mirror that reminded me of why I am here. The things we are doing are truly incredible, and I’m thankful for it all. The work, the memories, and the magical experiences that freeze time. Also, we have a new first mate aboard; his name is Wiggy. He’s a good guy. Anyway, tomorrow we arrive at Corsica.
– Stephen