Location: Bonifacio, Corsica, France

This morning we awoke to a glorious breakfast of rice pudding (courtesy of Cap. Ben) and began our short journey to Bonifacio. While motoring along, we spent an hour or so learning to tie various boat knots and whatnot, which was actually super fun. The cliffs along the coast were absolutely unreal (see photos), and docking went by fast. After lunch, we managed to change our sheets and tidy our bunks relatively quickly, ergo were granted a longer shore time!!!

We had from 2-11 to go enjoy all the gelato and public showers that this quaint little city in the cliffs had to offer. Some of the crew went on a sunset hike up to the old town after dinner, and the views were FANTASTIC. The fort walls built into the mountains made for a great place to watch the sun go down. After that, we all peeled off for dinner, shenanigans, and further exploration. Little by little, everyone made their way back to the boat to get some shut-eye before the four-day passage to Barcelona that would start the next morning. I think the daily routine of living aboard Argo is really starting to become more natural for all of us. This all still feels like a dream, but I think Id be beyond content living this way indefinitely (although three months will more than suffice), so just wanna give a shoutout to all the loved ones back home who helped make this possible, it’s only been a few weeks on this voyage but every moment has been incredible!