Location: Underway to Barcelona

After a night of unparalleled shenanigans, dinner and a foolhardy exploration, the start of today was dysfunctional at best, with no one walking up at the same time or having any idea what to do before we were to leave shore for Barcelona. So, this morning, unlike the rest began with showers, breakfast and shopping ashore with real coffee and a hike for the more adventurous of us that dared to wake up at 6:00am. Simple things but also things you don’t realize how nice they are till they are gone. Only after a considerably good morning where we ready to set sail, this time for both are longest passage so far but also our first with our proper watch rotations. And with around 4 days to go before arriving in Barcelona, there is a overall feeling of excitement and dread, meaning it is hard at this point to think of a person that has not stock pilled and rationed soda and snacks. All in all, today was a restful day, where we got to sail around and even during lunch witness a sailing regatta in the distance while underway to Barcelona, before our afternoon class, dinner and finally now, where the sun is setting, the fact you have to get out of bed at 4am has set in and my day as skipper yelling at people to get things done has ended.
-Christoffer. Hasenclever