Location: Underway to Barcelona

Dear blog, today was one of the more monotonous days aboard the Argo as we spent the whole day underway to Barcelona. The three different watch teams comprised of seven students played musical shifts every four hours for nearly the entire day, which was interrupted only by the thrilling classroom sessions of oceanography and student leadership. If I sound ungrateful, I promise that nothing is further from the truth. While today might not have been an exciting excursion to somewhere that people only dream about, it was a rare reflective period that I found immeasurable. It might be hard to understand for those who are not currently experiencing heavy sleep deprivation combined with the occasional seasickness, the constant excitement and adrenaline rush that comes with so many new experiences or the unique social experiment that is forcing twenty-seven people to live together in a hundred-foot space, but a day of glass-like seas can be a luxury in of itself for us. I can’t say much more than that day 18 served as a time for us to collect ourselves, and was greatly appreciated in its own way.

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