Location: Ville Franche, France

The 27 crew members awoke this morning, some of us exhausted from the jet lag, and some of us suffering from sleep deprivation from getting used to the pitching/yawing motion of our new home: S/Y Argo. The weather was at first beautiful, the sun was rising over the small port of Ville Franche, and there was little to no wind. The crew had to get used to the rotation of duties that we have aboard the Argo; everyone gets a chance to do everything. The positions range from ones such as Skipper, Chef, “Deckies,” and everyone’s favorite “Headmaster.” Thankfully, the “Headmasters” get the benefit of being the only members to receive a freshwater shower. The crew did great; everyone fought against their exhaustion and got straight to their duties. After breakfast, we had our boat policy meeting, which consisted of the staff aboard the Argo, informing all of us of their expectations and of the rules and regulations of the program. Following this, we had boat introductions where the crew was split up into smaller groups and set about exploring the different areas of the boat and learning how everything worked. This ranged from everything on the top deck, the chart room, the engine room, and the galley. We then took a quick break and ate lunch, and after the random gusty winds had cleared, we all took our swim test. Everyone passed with ease, and the rest of the day was spent showering. In order to conserve water, we all jumped in the ocean and soaped up on deck, finishing with a short freshwater rinse. By the end of the day, everyone was getting more comfortable with the vessel and with their duties. We can all already tell that this crew is going to be amazing, and we are all itching to set sail.