Location: Ville Franche, France

Today the group was shown how to properly tie lines and perform emergency procedures. We learned how to coil line, throw dock lines, tie bowlines, and hoist dinghies. For our emergency procedures, we were divided into our watch teams, and we learned our stations that we are required to man in an emergency. We drilled for fire, man overboard, and abandon ship procedures, and after lunch, we had an opportunity to go ashore. Onshore, we all got Gelato and explored some of the scenery. The tightly packed streets of Ville Franche made for really interesting architecture, and the fortress that looked over the harbor had some incredible views. When we made it back to the ship, it was shower time, and some big swell moved into the anchorage. We had a ton of fun jumping off the bow before dinner, which was pretty prime. Dinner consisted of chicken cooked to perfection along with Asian rice and beans on the side. We also started classes today on a Saturday! So far, they have been fairly interesting. All of your children talk about how much they miss you and wish to be back in your loving arms once again. They all seem to be enjoying life to the max.
Peace Bra