Location: Ville Franche & train ride to Monaco

After yesterday’s adventures in Ville Franche, the students of Argo boarded a train and headed to Monaco. Eager to see marine life, we headed straight to the oceanographic museum. In pairs, we completed a scavenger hunt worksheet, documenting an invasive jellyfish species, marine life native to the Med, and one horrifying-looking underwater suit from the 1700s. Once we had seen all the creatures, skeletons, and art, the group split up in search of lunch. Some of us headed to the casino, others headed to the palace, and Carmen and I searched for the first missing iPhone of the trip (sorry, mom & dad, it was mine). After making a solid, but failed attempt to find my phone, we met up with the rest of the group and devoured some crepes.
When we returned to Argo after our day on land, it was time to shower. The wind was blowing, and the water was cold, but this crew takes our hygiene seriously. We lathered up with soap and jumped in the water, even though it was less than inviting. Captain Ben made some delicious dumplings, rice, and curry to warm us up. We ate until we were full and enjoyed the full rainbow in the sky above us. The crew is itching for our first passage in the morning. Soon enough, we’ll raise anchors and head underway for the first time!