Location: Underway to Portovenere, Italy

Today we awoke to a rather crisp morning air and the knowledge that today would be the first day we raised the sails on Argo. While we all have been learning to live aboard a ship, and each of us has had our share of adjusting, today, we felt a sense that it truly was the beginning of a great adventure. After mango rice for breakfast and a long morning of sail prep, we all enjoyed the chance to jump off the bow and relish our saltwater showers, which we turned into two hours of diving and sunbathing. Our chefs did a fantastic job with lunch as usual, and before we knew it, we had raised the sails and departed France. We have been underway now for several hours now, with our arrival at Portovenere, Italy, projected to be late tomorrow morning. Sailing past the Alps while scarfing down another fantastic meal is a moment that I doubt few of us will soon forget. With their peaks stretching on as far as the eye can see, draped in clouds and small coastal towns, it truly is a sight to behold. Everyone is in great spirits, and we are all elated to have begun this voyage. I cannot help but wonder as I look out upon clouds that look like cotton candy what wonderful sights are in store for us. Until then, Ciao!