Location: Portovenere, Italy

The crew awoke this morning to accompany watch team three as Argo sailed into our second port, Portovenere. Calm waters and clear skies welcomed us as the small mountain town grew closer and closer. After a brief encounter with the Italian Navy, Argo dropped anchor in the quaint harbor, surrounded by colorful villas and superyachts. We jumped to the task of cleaning up the boat and putting away the sails and were rewarded with delicious tortilla soup. Immediately following lunch, the crew gathered in the galley, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore the countryside village before us. We piled in the dinghies and headed for shore, where we were met with Gelato, pizza, and friendly locals. A few of us got the chance to explore a nearby grotto and rock formation, while others decided to check out a local castle. It wasn’t long before the time to return to Argo had come, and we made the journey back for dinner and class. Tomorrow we’ll be exploring the area a little more and visiting Cinque Terre, the home of pesto!