Location: Portovenere, Italy

Today the crew was woken up bright and early for a full day exploring the quaint Italian villages along the shore of Cinque Terre. To begin the day, we traveled by bus and train from Portovenere to the beautiful, picturesque coastal town of Rendezvoused. We explored Rendezvoused for an hour, enjoying the early morning by wandering its winding cobblestone alleyways filled with shops and eateries. We all then Rendezvoused for a short hike overlooking the sea along the cliffside to our next stop in Cinque Terre, a similarly picturesque village, the town of vineyards. We gathered at a local cafe for a game plan. Everyone had a few hours to check out the incredible viewpoints of coastal vineyards and primarily to treat themselves to gelato and other authentic Italian cuisines. We then had the exciting option to either embark on another more challenging and longer hike to the next town down the coast of Cinque Terre, Manarola, or to spend the rest of the day doing whatever, having the option to take the train anywhere around Cinque Terre. As someone who chose to go on the hike, I can say it was way worth it. We were primarily hiking along rocky paths meandering through the countryside and across abundant vineyards. Upon arrival in Manarola, we met up with a number of fellow Argonauts who decided to take the train and checked out the biggest of the three towns. A couple of other students and I decided to cool off in the rocky swimming area, drawing in a sizable crowd, who snapped pictures of us from the walkways above.

Similar to the other two towns, Manarola had some beautiful sights and architecture, as well as some prime restaurants and food. We all met up in Manarola and headed back to Portovenere and dinghied back to Argo, where we showered and began passage prep to set sail for our next port of call, the island of Elba, where we will begin Scuba diving! We have just finished up with dinner, are working on passage prep, and are about to go underway for the night.