Location: Elba, Italy

Argo arrived in Elba, Italy, this morning after a night underway. Watch team 1 saw a pod of dolphins swim alongside the bow of the boat during their sunrise watch. While watch team 2 anchored and packed up the vessel, the rest of us had a little time to sleep in. We woke, cleaned the deck, took down the sails, and pulled out our dive equipment from the Laz. Lunch was Caprese sandwiches. After an afternoon of dive theory for Open Water and Rescue divers, we enjoyed a swim and stuffed veggies for dinner! After dinner, we had a lecture on plate tectonics, where we had a brownie demonstration with the added benefit of eating the brownies afterward. Tomorrow the open water students will have their first dive here in Elba, and the other students will have shore time. We are all excited to dive into the next couple of days in this quaint town on the water!


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