Location: Barcelona

After three long days, we have arrived in Spain. The journey was quicker than expected as we cut travel time for a whole day. It was a long day of classes with our first quiz in oceanography followed by a lecture in the chemistry of water. Steve talked to us about microorganisms in the water. After classes, the chef got to work preparing a wonderful chicken pot pie, which took hours of work. Once dinner is finished, we got back to work cleaning Argo. I feel that everyone is now into the routine of doing his or her task for the days. When we finish, we will finish our day with SLS for the third time in as many days. The class was not planned for the day. However, the staff gave the group the option of doing it tonight to maximize shore time tomorrow. Barcelona looks like a wonderful city from afar. However, the power plant onshore is a bit of an eyesore from our vantage point in this anchorage. RJ and staff Ian have initiated an operation power surge, which is a go for tonight.
~ Patrick