Location: Barcelona, Spain

Today, we woke up in a different time zone. Munching on cereal, the crew reviewed the agenda for the day as the sun rose to our starboard. The countless lights of Barcelona’s skyline to our port provided an artificial glow throughout the night, which was finally eclipsed by the light of the rising sun. In record time, we tidied up every part of Argo and prepared her for a grand entrance into Port Vell, which is the main yachting marina of Barcelona. Captain Jewel and his blazing orange facial hair weaved our freshly cleaned vessel through the most intense boat traffic we have encountered thus far with a diligent crew awaiting his commands. Although dwarfed in size, Argo slipped quietly past massive yachts (including one owned by Johnny Depp) with a bold glow that left both sides of the channel staring with wide eyes. Old First-mate Bryant orchestrated a docking procedure smooth as a hot knife slicing through butter. Desperate to touch land, we enjoyed a well-deserved opportunity to roam the streets of our new destination. We returned to a delicious supper, during which we were able to both laugh at our past selves during squeeze and feel a sense of accomplishment about the state of our ship. This is the cleanest it has ever been despite our first lengthy voyage. Most importantly, we are saying our goodbyes to our stand in first-mate Bryant, who will not be with us for the rest of the voyage. BryGuy will be back with his family, but not forgotten–day-by-day, he will live on aboard Argo through his dishy traditions, corny humor, and constant charisma. We will miss him, but for the rest of SeaMester, every time we tie a knot, trim a sail or swab the deck, we will never forget the man who taught it all to us; for that, we are forever grateful.

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