Location: Barcelona, Spain

Today we had a full day to enjoy Barcelona after a fun night out to send off our interim first mate (we love you, B-Ry). We began the day with “boatmeal,” eaten outdoors as per usual until a torrential downpour cut our meal a bit short. We directed all the food and humans below deck in record time, and we cleaned up in the galley instead of on deck. The storm was quick to pass, however, and we grabbed our bags to head out on schedule. Just a couple of blocks away, by the Catalan equivalent of the White House, we met our two tour guides and got bicycles for a city tour. Many had interesting names, such as “Princess Buttercup.” Mine was merely marked 142. Very unique and cool, I know.
The tour was about three hours long, taking us to many notable sites around town, such as the Sagrada Familia, Arc del Triompf, and several beautiful parks, gardens, and fountains. Our guide was an entertaining, man-bunned individual who was very knowledgeable about the history of the area. Once we returned the bikes, the gang split up to wander and find food and the like. I ventured to an open market area off La Rambla with a small group, and we bought smoothies, tapas, and overpriced truffles. Pro tip: if you gaze longingly at the candied nuts long enough, you’ll get a free sample.
Everyone met back up at the Maritime Museum, and after browsing the old sailboats, we divided to wander the city yet again. Bridgette and I enjoyed a small cafe set back from the touristy crowds, and then we met everyone back on Argo before our last night out in Barcelona. Overall, it was quite a successful day with minimal biking injuries and only one fatality! Just kidding, everyone’s fine. We’ll be back at sea tomorrow, headed for Andrixol.

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