Location: The Balearic Sea, Underway to Mallorca, Spain

The crew had a late wake up this morning, or at least some of us did. Last night we got shore time to enjoy Barcelona and had no obligations until 10:00 am so some of the crew got the chance to sleep in, some chose to grab breakfast ashore, do laundry or finish their homework for marine biology. Right at 10:00, we had a lot of work to do, we had to be off the dock by 12:00 and had to get everything prepared for the passage. This is now almost second nature; taking off sail covers, checking the engine, and running the proper lines to the correct places. Captain Ben even let me take a crack at getting the boat off the dock today, so it turns out we’ll finish the repairs by tomorrow. I’m just joking; we got off smoothly. It feels good to leave a huge port looking professional and having everyone take pictures of you and the Argo the entire way out. We are now heading for another part of Spain, but not on the mainland; we are crossing the Balearic Sea to our endpoint at Mallorca. We have our first Marine biology exam, and all the PSCT, or international yachtsmen students, have their first exam on the Collision Regulations. We have all been studying constantly; you can hear badly imitated horn sounds emanating from every part of the boat, and even yesterday around the city. “Which way should we go to look for tapas? “BURRURURURURUR, “oh starboard then? Let’s go.” We will all pass it without a problem. In addition to the daily grind, we actually caught a fish today with the hand lines we have off of the stern! All I heard was, “Ray! They caught of fish, he woke up from being asleep almost instantly and darted up to the deck to help get the fillets ready for tomorrow. The head chefs will be rolling the crew some sushi. Well, now, it is time to get ready for watch duty.
Until next time,