Location: Andritxol, Mallorca Spain

The Ginger Beacon of Light strolls briskly into the main salon where eager and nervous students await judgment by the International Yacht Training COLREGS exam. It has been several days of diligent study that have to lead us to this moment but to pass the COLREGS exam, a grade of 90% or higher is required. This may seem a bit too high a standard or a bit over, zealous until you consider that in a collision situation saying, “I am 90% certain I won’t hit that vessel” is not all that comforting. The guy driving the Titanic probably thought, “I am 90% certain I won’t hit that Iceberg, and look how that turned out. Just for fun, the fourth photo in this blog entry is an example question for all of you interested in at home. Identify what type, length, and the viewing aspect of the vessel displaying that pattern of lights. Other than the exam, the open water diver students went on their 3rd open water dive and had a blast in the warm waters and dynamic coves that make up the coastline here. This being the penultimate plunge before they become certified, all are excited for the future dives to come, and can’t wait to be diving in Gibraltar. Things are going extremely well on board. The staff enjoys watching the students grasp more of the skills needed to command the vessel, and the students are settling in well to life aboard. Our journey is not entirely without conflict, but the group is putting the skills they are learning in leadership class to form a cohesive community and to resolve conflict in a constructive way. I hope everyone back in the U.S. and elsewhere is doing well; we miss you all.

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