Location: Andritxol

Today was full of excitement. Congratulations to all our open water divers who officially became certified today, and congratulations to everybody that passed their Yacht Masters COLREGS Exam. Also, congratulations are in order for the rescue divers who were surprised with another rescue drill but managed to get Colin back aboard safely. The rescue dive class is constantly checking on Colin’s location as he seems to often play the victim in the rescue scenarios. A running joke onboard is the phrase, “where is Colin? Steve, our instructor, has taught us well, as the drills have been very successful, and Colin is always brought back to the boat unharmed. Everyone on the boat seems to be getting into the routine of things very well, which is making things run smoothly and efficiently. As they say, “Part of the ship, part of the crew.” The weather was a little rainy today as well, providing some excellent opportunities for some study time in which plenty was accomplished. This was very helpful for most since we have an excellent essay that will be due tomorrow on the Invasive Lionfish. Tomorrow, we will be heading out for another passage, and everyone is excited to head out and arrive in the beautiful city of Palma.