Location: South of Mallorca, Underway to Motrill

Today started like many others, typical 7 am wake ups, many of the group decided on an early breakfast ashore, and some were happy to enjoy the wide breakfast buffet of Argo before hoping in a dinghy and heading to shore and enjoying some last-minute sights of Palma, either stocking up on some treats for the next few days passage, seeing some last-minute sights of Palma and its historic beauty or even going for a run along the beach. Everyone then arrived back on the boat and began prepping the boat for its few days passage across the Med to Motril; everyone chipped in to help get the boat ready as quick as possible so we could avoid any bad weather. The sea state had picked up a bit while people were ashore and during boat prep, but it was nothing the hardened crew of Argo couldn’t deal with. We picked up anchor and set off, swiftly raising four sails in record time and getting going. Watch team one started off the journey, deciding on the best heading based on the winds mother nature was giving us. As we got further away from shore the swells picked up rolling the boat side to side, which of course made dinner time a bit more of a show up on deck and for the chefs down below, however, all is great on Argo, spirits are high (even those feeling a bit seasick) and everyone is excited to get to the next stop and enjoy the sights and experiences it has to offer.

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