Location: South of Mallorca off the eastern coast of Spain, Underway to Motril

The morning marked the second day in our voyage to Motril, and the seas were making themselves known. Winds of 35+ knots and waves several feet tall had the crew sliding around their bunks. It’s as if we’ve embarked on a new journey altogether, and we’re getting used to the boat all over again. Watch teams came to deck prepared to be soaked, and they weren’t disappointed. As we slowly began to re-acquire our sea legs, we sat down for our second oceanography quiz, followed by a very relevant lecture on wind and currents. The wind and seas continued to build as we sailed into the night, only this time they were joined with rain and lightning. The incredible storms lit up the sky and provided quite a spectacle for the watch teams of Argo, as well as propelling us forward at new speeds. Dinner had to be held below deck for the first time on our voyage, as the alternative may have ended in disaster. The staff of Argo remained un-phased throughout the day and took this opportunity to instruct us on safely navigating the weather and going about normal business. With nothing more than a few scrapes and bruises, the day ended up being quite enjoyable, especially for the thrill-seekers of the group.

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