Location: Malolo Island

Hi Mom, Dad, and Jack! It is Margaret, and I was skipper today. Skipper’s job is to make sure everyone is on task, get the group gathered, wake everyone up, and write the blog. My day started at 3 am because I had watch from 3-4:40. After that, I was able to get some more sleep, and then it was time to wake everyone up and get ready for breakfast. After breakfast, the people pre-scuba certified went on a checkout dive to make sure we were able to do all the skills. And explore a small reef here in Malolo, Fiji. The water was so blue and warm, and the dive was a lot of fun. The other group was finishing their certification and getting ready to go on their first-ever dive! Then, we swam around the boat, and almost everyone learned how to do a backflip off the boat (not me, that’s too scary). It was so fun to be in the water and swim around with everyone.

Next was lunchtime. We had really good “chipotle bowls,” and after that, the pre-certified divers wrote about our dives in our dive logs and had a knot class to help us learn basic knots to help around the boat. The other group went on their first confined dives! After knot class, we took the dinghy to a little sandbar and explored around. It was super low tide, and there were hundreds of starfish, and we also saw baby eels, octopus, and many crabs and fish. It was a blast. We all lost track of time exploring and hanging in the water. Then, we came back to the boat and swam around some more before we had some free time to get changed, read, and watch the sunset.

After our super fun day, we had dinner and are going to be having our first class: Oceanography!