Location: the south coast of Spain, underway to Gibraltar

Hellllooo friends and family,
Our time here in the Mediterranean is coming to a close. We officially left the EU yesterday and added a stamp to our passports. Our course is set to Gibraltar, which is a British territory in the south of Spain. At the end of this week, we will be heading to Africa! Today some of us got to sleep in till 8 am. After eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, we started our Student Leadership Development class. During this time, we had a series of challenges that we needed to solve as a group. Some of the activities involved blindfolds, volleyball, a castle with a man-eating orca, and a slack-line. The purpose of these exercises was to help us communicate effectively as a team, trust one another, and hopefully have fun too. There were multiple ideas for solving various problems, everyone is different, so it made things interesting. Overcoming these challenges as a collective brought us closer as a crew. Bridgette got the best-stubbed toe that I’ve ever seen; Tina bandaged her up nicely. Her shirt, “Be You” is an accurate description of her tenacious attitude in the face of adversity. After class, we prepped the boat for passage in record time, started the iron sail, and did jump in showers underway. The crisp waters of Motril were invigorating for the spirit. As we sail onward, we are hugging the Southern coast of Spain. There is a blue horizon ahead of us and the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range to our starboard side. Dinner was on deck at sunset, and a pod of dolphins joined us at the beginning of our meal. I ended our squeeze question with an ode the bananas of the world. A truly magical evening.

Until next time!
Love always,